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Sidhshakti Healing Channel
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About Sidhshakti Healing

Click! Click! Click!!! That's the parameter of defining the speed in 21st century.

This ultra-luxurious life, where human beings are getting everything within a snap of a finger, has made him very lazy. Laziness clubbed with the mind power, which is human's most potent tool has always found the shortest route to most of the things which has led us to many inventions and their related products. But this dependency on technology has caused an imbalance in nature as well as the human body. The fast, luxurious life where a human being has ignored his physical, mental and spiritual body has given birth to lot of diseases. Apart from physical diseases; emotional, psychological, mental diseases are rising at a very fast pace. Our minds are full of stress, our thoughts are corrupted, our emotions have become selfish, and our physical body is full of diseases, problems and blockages. We have become so impatient that even one unattended call makes us irritated. This is what we have become. We are basically diseased at every level.

Is there any human technology which can treat or cure us or take us out of this mess we have created?

Is there any human technique which can take us out of this mess within few minutes? No.

But there is a technology created by God.

In this materialistic world of super computers, supersonic planes, hi-speed trains crossing the speed of sound, advances in medical science where new nano drugs will give results very quickly, how can God be slow & merciless?

It is unbelievable but true, that there is a spiritual technique which can heal and treat our physical, emotional, psychological and mental diseases, problems and blockages within 10 minutes.

This Spiritual technique, named Sri SidhShakti Healing Meditation, is introduced by Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti ji on this earth. Sri Maa is an incarnation of that supreme power and has come to relieve every living being from their every possible problem. Sri Maa's main aim is to work for the benefit of people. Among many simple yet powerful meditations created by her, Sri SidhShakti Healing Meditation is a meditation by which people can cure/treat/heal their own as well as other's physical, mental and emotional problems within 10-15 minutes.
Sri Sidhshakti Healing is unique, simple, powerful and a very quick process which once learnt changes the life of a person.

Everybody hates taking pills, injections, visiting doctors when they fall ill.
Sometimes we get a pain or some kind of physical problem, at odd times or at odd places, where instant medical facility is unavailable or inaccessible.
Sometimes people are not able to get the treatment just because they don't have money.
Many of us want to help ourselves and others but sometimes we lack funds, sometimes we lack time and sometimes we are bound to suffer.
Sidhshakti Healing gives a solution to all these problems.

» It does not involve taking of any kind of medicine.
» It can be done at anytime and at any place without anyone else's help.
» Apart from physical, emotional, psychological and mental diseases, even chronic problems can be cured by it. Today's highly developed scientific era still doesn't have medications for anger, stress, hatred, tension. Because our medicines effects only our physical bodies and not on subtle bodies. Thoughts, emotions, curiosity, feelings, love, pain etc are all part of subtle bodies. Curing them is only possible by doing energy based meditations.
» You don't have to pay every time and for every other disease. Once the energy is taken by Sri Maa, you can heal yourself and others throughout your life. The registration fee of learning Sidhshakti Healing Meditation is very minimal in front of the money involved in going to the doctor, taking medicines and getting any surgery and operation done.
» When the healer reaches a certain level, where he can heal others, he can perform the healing by charging a certain amount of money if he wishes to or even do it for free to serve mankind.

How does it work?

Any disease or problem is because of disorder of energy levels or blockages in our subtle bodies & chakras. Subtle bodies and charkas are basis of our physical bodies. So if we can heal or treat these subtle bodies and charkas by energies, we heal our physical bodies indirectly and very surely.
Everything in this world has been created by God. Human being has just transformed or manipulated the existing things to be called as medicines. We have to consume medicines to get rid of diseases. These medicines are made from things existing in nature. Any drug molecule is an extract from herbs or chemicals. Indirectly we are receiving these energies from nature. Scientists work on different molecules and perform numerous test and trials to find out existing molecules in nature. Can any scientist create water or air or earth? No!!!

What if we tap the required energies from universe itself!!! Then there will be no need of taking medicines in physical form like capsules, injections tablets etc. Right now we take food, other edibles and liquid and our body extracts the energy required from it for living life. How if there is no need to eat or drink? Is it possible to absorb energies from sun, moon and universe directly? Yes!!! It is possible.
Sri SidhShakti Healing is that universal energy based process by which we can directly get access to universal divine energies.

There are different levels of Sri Sidhshakti Healing Meditation:

For healing your own self for any disease anytime, anywhere throughout your life do,

Sidhshakti Healing Meditation - BASIC LEVEL

For healing your own self and others also do,

Sidhshakti Healing Meditation - LEVEL 1
Sidhshakti Healing Meditation - LEVEL 2
Sidhshakti Healing Meditation - LEVEL 3

As you keep practicing this process and keep receiving energies of higher levels, you will get

» More powerful energies.
» More advanced methods.
» Your healing becomes fast and more effective.
» You will be able to visualize, see, know and reach to the root cause of the disease.
» You will also start feeling, sensing & visualizing the extent to which an organ has been damaged by the particular disease in the patient's body.
» You will start gaining in-depth knowledge of major and minor points (charkas) in the body, both physical and subtle.
» You will be able to remove negativities from your chakras and aura. As your blockages get removed from your subtle body, the Awakening of Kundlini also becomes easy and faster.
It's like becoming more than a real doctor.

Jai Sidhshakti !

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If you always • want to stay healthy, young, happy, delighted, free of diseases, • want to be peaceful, • want to earn success, fame, grandeur, wealth, • want to know who made this universe and get one to one with the universal energies, • happily want to take the full advantage of this world, • do not want to drag your life and suffocate every moment of your life, • want to move ahead and above all the miseries of life, Then learn and do Sidhshakti Healing to gain all the above things.

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Watch this space for special, unique and powerful live meditations conducted by Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji.

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