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Watch various experiences by different people.

Past Life Meditation Experiences:

  • » Got rid of Snake Phobia with Past Life Meditation
    Three months back, I did Past life Regression Sadhna under the guidance of Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji. I did this Sadhna not just to see my past life but because I had a very bad snake phobia since childhood. I could not understand why I used to feel so scared of snakes and I could not find any cure of this problem with doctors. No matter I was at home, office or traveling in a train, I always had this scare that a snake might just come from anywhere. When I came to Sri Sidhshakti Darbar, I came to know about this Sadhna and did it. During this Sadhna, I saw a lot of snakes in a pond. I saw that a very big snake came running towards me. Later I realized, that I was that snake. I was the head of the heard of snakes. In no time, I felt very light and relaxed. I had a feeling that my phobia has completely gone. After two days, I was going to Mathura with my family. On the way, we stopped at a place where we met a snake charmer with a snake in a basket. I went to him, touched the snake, bowed down in front of him and prayed to forgive me for all that I did in this life and my past life. I thank Sri Maa for everything she gave me. All this wouldn't have been possible without Sri Maa's blessings.
    - Renu Jain, Hauz Khas, New Delhi.

  • » Palpitation cured by Past Life Regression Meditation
    Since childhood, my heart used to beat very fast. I consulted many doctors and hospitals, but everything went in vain. Then I came to know about Sidhshakti Past life Regression Sadhna. While doing this miraculous Sadhna, I saw that I was shot by pistol in one of my past life. My heart beat was very fast when I got hit. After I did Sadhna, I felt a drastic change in me. It has been one year that I have not faced that problem again. I thank you Maa for getting me rid of this problem.
    - Anjali Sanghi, Inderpuri, New Delhi.

  • » Night mare and water-phobia vanished with Past Life Regression Meditation
    Since childhood, I used to get night mares because of which I used to feel very scared throughout my day. Sometimes in my dreams I used to see that someone is running behind to stab me. Apart from getting night mares, I also had a phobia of water. I could not even dare to see or imagine any water body. It is only by Sri Maa's grace that I got rid of such a big problem of my life by doing Sidhshakti Past life Regression Sadhna.
    - Gyaneshwari, Patel Nagar, New Delhi.

Bhagvad Geeta Shlok Gyan Experiences:

  • » Gained fame with Bhagvad Geeta Shlok Gyan
    When I came to know about Sri Maa's Sadhna Camp, I went there and took Srimad Bhagvad Geeta's Shlok Deeksha for gaining more fame in my life. Just after one week of taking the Deeksha, I am seeing the positive results. I can see my business growing and there is a remarkable increase in my cash flow also. There were few projects in which I was facing lot of hurdles, but now all that has also solved. I am getting lot of new opportunities in life. I am sure about this fact that all this was impossible without Sri Maa's blessings. Thank you Sri Maa for giving a new meaning to my life.
    - Your Devotee, Ahemdabad.

Kundlini Jagran Meditation Experiences:

  • » Divine experiences with Kundlini Jagran Meditation
    I bow down at your holy feet Sri Maa. I experienced some amazing, divine, inexplicable things during Sri Sidhshakti Kundlini Jagran Meditation. I saw two elephants at my Muladhar Chakra, which were moving upwards. I did such kind of a meditation for the first time in my life. I had no knowledge about this before. I was amazed to realize that in today's world also such experiences are possible. I whole heartedly thank you Sri Maa for opening my spiritual paths and motivating me to move ahead to excel in life.
    - Grace, Seoul, Korea.

Sidhshakti Healing Experiences:

  • » 5 years old shoulder pain & stomach problem cured with Sidhshakti Healing.
    I had pain in my shoulders for 5 years. My shoulders had become stiff with stress. Because of this, my stomach also used to be upset and I couldn't sleep for more than 2-3 hours. When I attend the three days session of Sidhshakti Healing in Korea, my pain and problem got cured just in those three days of the session. This is an unbelievable miracle for me. I could never believe that I will get rid of my problem. But I am completely fine now. Sri Maa I thank you for blessing me with a new life.
    - Kim, Seoul, Korea.

  • » Chronic 15 years back ache cured with Sidhshakti healing
    Jai Sidhshakti to everyone. I had a back ache problem for 15-16 years. It was a chronic, incurable disease. No doctor had a remedy to cure and heal my pain from its root. One day, Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji's blessings showered on me. Sri Maa came to Ahmadabad and I attend their meditation camp. I learnt Sidhshakti Healing and now my back ache has absolutely vanished. It is like a miracle that has happened in my life. I have no words to thank you Sri Maa for your such a great blessing.
    - Karsan Bhai Parmar, Ahmadabad.

  • » Prabhu Darshan & easy life with Sidhshakti Healing
    I went to Sri Maa's shivir which was held in Rasda,U.P. While doing Sidhshakti Healing there, I saw Goddess Durga, who got converted into Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji. I got a divine sight of an enormous Shivling on my navel. For the first time in my life I got such spiritual experience. By Sri Maa's grace my life has become very smooth now. Even if I face any problem in my life now, it just resolves by taking Sri Maa's name.
    - Anju Verma, Rasda, Baliya, U.P.

  • » Sidhshakti Healing cured eye allergy
    Last week I got an allergy in my eyes. It was really severe. While going to my office I realized that I will not be able to work with this pain. Then I healed my eyes with Sidhshakti Healing in the metro, while going to the office. By just one session of healing I was so relieved that I could normally work at my office without any trouble. I thank you Sri Maa for the magical Sidhshakti Healing energy.
    - Keval Kishan, New Delhi.

  • » Distant Sidhshakti Healing cured knee stiffness
    Few days back, I did healing of Mr. Shankar Mahadev who lives in Satara, Maharashtra. He had an acute pain in his knees, because of which he couldn't even walk. He was completely bed-ridden. After I did his Sidhshakti Healing, his son called me up and told me that the stiffness in his knees was gone and he even got relief in his pain, by just one session. Since it is his old problem, I will continue healing him till he gets completely relieved. I am just a medium, so I thank Sri Maa for her blessings.
    - C.D.Singh, New Delhi.

  • » Sidhshakti Healing saved life & money
    My Uncle (Chacha ji) had not been keeping well for one month. He had left eating and was not even taking his medicines. We consulted the doctor and he told us that we should start giving him liquid, but he wasn't even ready to take that. When I again went to the doctor, he told me that we will have to admit him in the hospital and give him food and medicines through a tube. The cost of all this was around Rs.5000 per day, which was unaffordable for me. I then recollected all my patience, devotion and started curing him through Sidhshakti Healing. Gradually, he started taking liquid diet and after 10-15 days, his appetite increased and he started eating normal food also. By Sri Maa's blessing, we saved on a lot of money which could have got wasted in the hospital, and we also escaped from all the stress, trouble and harassment of being in the hospital. My Uncle also did not have to go through all the pain of taking injections, syringes, medicines etc. I am falling short of words in thanking you Sri Maa for your love that you have showered on us.
    - Amit Nanda, New Delhi.

  • » Stress Relief with Sidhshakti Healing
    Sidhshakti Healing energy sounds quite unbelievable. It is only after someone does it, feels it and benefits from it, that he realizes how miraculous, divine and true it is. Today I was having a head ache and a severe pain in my eyes. I was feeling giddy by opening my eyes. I couldn't understand what to do. When I reached Sri Sidhshakti Darbar, I got myself healed by one of the devotees there. After the healing, I felt as if a heavy weight has got removed from my head. I felt a relief in my pain also. My giddiness also got cured. Sri Maa's blessings are amazing, and cannot be expressed in words. I just wish Sri Maa always keeps showering her blessings on me. I bow down in your holy feet Sri Maa.
    - Sarika, New Delhi.

  • » Knee Stiffness gone with Sidhshakti Healing
    Charan Sparash Sri Maa. I used to have a pain in my knees. There was stiffness in my nerves and they were getting pulled. I used to face problem in moving and doing my daily work. After regularly doing Sidhshakti healing for few days, my knee pain has got cured. Thank you Sri Maa.
    - Urmila, New Delhi.

  • » Memory Improvement with Sidhshakti Healing
    My son was very weak in studies. He was facing a lot of problem in studying. More than half a year had passed and we could not get any solution. We had no hope that he would pass but we had faith in God. One day we came to know about Sri Sidhshakti Healing and we got our son healed. Just in few days, his memory improved and he developed interest in studies. He got rid from the problems he was facing. My son passed in his exams with good marks. We thank Sri Maa for blessing our son and saving his future. We have no words to express our gratitude, Maa.
    - Sulakshna, Nanital.

  • » Cure alcohol addiction with Sidhshakti Healing
    Sri Sidhshakti Healing saved my family. My husband was an alcoholic. He used to abuse and beat me a lot. He was unemployed and used to snatch all the money that I earned. I could see no solution to make everything normal. One day, I came to know about Sri Sidhshakti Healing from a hoarding and I got my husband healed. Gradually his behavior changed. He stopped taking alcohol and hitting me. He got back to his work and our relationship also improved. I thank you Sri Maa for giving my family a new life.
    - Heera Mandal, Dehradun.

  • » Sidhshakti Healing relieved from migraine pain in just 5 days
    My husband used to get severe migraine pain. He frequently used to take a six days course of his medicines. He used to get those sudden attacks of pain. He always used to keep his medicines with him in case of emergency. We were very worried. Even the doctors did not have a permanent cure for migraine pain. One day I learnt the first level of Sri Sidhshakti Healing and healed my husband for his pain. Just in 5-6 days his migraine pain got completely cured. Now it has been so many years that he has not got that pain again. I thank you Sri Maa for getting us rid of such a big problem.
    - Madhu, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi.

  • » Menstrual Problem cured by Sidhshakti Healing
    Charan Sparash Sri Maa. My name is Pratima Chaudhry. I live in Dahisar, Mumbai. I used Sidhshakti healing to heal myself. I have got so much of relief by doing Sidhshakti Healing that I could not believe that my such a big problem has cured without taking any medicine. I did Sidhshakti healing for 11 days. I had a problem of passing some blood clots during my menstrual flow, since the age of 16 yrs. I even had a problem of discharging some kind of white liquid also. When I received the Sidhshakti healing for the first time, I was having my menstrual flow. Within one day only, my problem of passing the blood clots got cured and my flow became normal. It was really unbelievable for me that my such an old problem was cured just in one day. I received this blessing just by sitting at home only and I did it with full devotion and faith. I am really thankful to Maa for curing my problem, relieving me from the mental stress that I had because of this problem and for saving my money which I had been spending to cure this problem. It is really unbelievable for me. I wholeheartedly thank Maa for all her blessings.
    - Pratima Chaudhry, Dahisar, Mumbai.

  • » Blister cured Sidhshakti Healing from distance.
    Sri Maa, Charan Sparash. I want to share this experience of Sidhshakti healing with everybody that how my husband who was sitting so far away got benefited from this Sidhshakti healing. Even he could not believe that how his problem got solved, the moment Sidhshakti Healing was completed. This is the experience of that same day, when I received the energy of Sidhshakti healing from Sri Maa. My husband got a blister in his foot for many days. He was applying some medicine on it but it used to reoccur again. He was getting really troubled by that. I did his healing and his blister got completely cured that very moment. This healing is so divine that my husband who was sitting miles away got cured in few moments. I thank Maa for blessing me with this healing, where I can cure others also no matter where ever they are.
    - Prakriti, Sarita Vihar, Delhi.

  • » Sidhshakti Healing saves from medicinal side-effect
    Jai Sidhshakti. I was having a severe body ache since 2 days, but I was not willing to take any pain killer due to its side effect. I started chanting Maha mantra and suddenly I remembered that I can do Sidhshakti Healing Meditation. I did it twice at night & when I woke up next day in the morning I was having no pain at all.
    Maa I felt as if some miracle has happened. I was crying out of pain last night & now I am able to stand & walk properly.
    Maa thank you so much for blessing us with such meditations, which can help us out anywhere & at anytime. Love you Maa.
    - Apki, Mala Sharma

  • » Instantly cure stomach ache with Sidhshakti Healing
    Pranam Maa,
    Jai Sidhshakti. I was having a bad stomach ache last night and it was increasing every minute. I was not able to move and sleep because of the pain. I just thought of Sidhshakti healing meditation and I started doing the same. Within 5 minutes after doing the meditation, my pain was gone. I became perfectly alright and had a very good sleep after doing meditation. I thank Sri Maa for blessing us with such meditation, which helps us to heal ourselves within minutes. Pranam Maa
    Jai Sidhshakti
    - Apki, Mala Sharma.

  • » Just 1 session of Sidhshakti Healing miracle
    Sri Maa ke charno me koti koti naman. Sabhi ko Jai SidhShakti.
    Friend of mine was suffering from fever, cold, bodyache for last three days. We sat in SidhShakti Healing session. I have received blessings from Sri Maa to heal others (SidhShakti Healing-Level 1). Along with the meditation, I also healed him through energies blessed by SriMaa.
    After the session of almost 20 minutes he was completely free from his ailments. I furthermore got the intuition that he lacks pranic energy so we sat in Pranshakti Meditatin(also blessed by SriMaa). Now he is absolutely fine and energetic. Thank you Sri Maa for your blessings. Koti Koti Naman.
    - Sushil Soni.

  • » Sidhshakti Healing saved from Paralytic attack
    Sri Maa ke charno me koti koti naman. Sabhi ko Jai SidhShakti.
    Day before yesterday; at my office during lunch time, one of my boss's health got very serious. He was sitting in his office cabin and shouting with pain. Pain was so intense that he was not even able to shout loudly for help!!!! After sometime, I along with office colleagues saw him on a wheel chair (his condition was so critical that he couldn't even walk). Immediately, I went to canteen & sat in a corner and started doing his healing (SidhShakti Healing-1) of which he was unaware of. During meditation I could feel that his left side of body was under paralytic attack. Also there was a swirl of energy at top of his head. I don't know what this swirl was for. I also could feel a blockage in his chest area. Whereever I felt that there is a blockage, I just prayed to SidhShakti Beams to cleanse the blockage. The session lasted for almost 20 minutes.
    The next day, when we saw him in office, everybody was surprised to see him. He was in a better health than before. Very calm and composed. I thanked SriMaa instantly for her kindness and blessings. I went to his cabin to inquire about his health and what had happened to him. He then let me know that he had a low BP of 30 and other problems of which he was not aware. I told him about SriMaa and the healing which I did for him. He was very grateful to SriMaa. Thank you SriMaa for making me a medium of spreading your energies for benefit of humanity.
    - Sushil Soni.

  • » Acute abdominal pain cured within 15 minutes.
    SriMaa ke charno me koti koti naman. Sabhi ko Jai Sidh Sidhshakti.
    A freind of mine got a sudden surge of acute abdominal pain (he already has kidney stones). For two hours he was undergoing immense pain. He already had medicines and had done vomitings. I was having dinner at another freind's room and suddenly we got a call of this friend's serious condition. We went there to find that they already had decided to take him to a doctor. I came back to my room, sat on SIDHSHAKTI ASAN and started doing SIDHSHAKTI HEALING-Level 1. I have received blessings to heal others from Sri Maa. Healing went on for almost 15 minutes. After 15-20 minutes of healing, when I went to his room I found him laughing, as if there was no pain. Also while talking to him, I found that he experienced vibrations in his stomach which were divine spiritual energies. I thank you Sri Maa for curing him.
    - Sushil Soni.

  • » Sidhshakti Healing keeps us away from medicines Sabhi ko
    Jai Sidhshakti. I got a very terrible allergy on my face. It seemed as if my skin got burnt. I had to keep my hand on my cheek to hide it, when I had to speak to someone. I was sure that it wouldn't go without medication but when I have the Sidhshakti Healing Energy with me then why should I go to a doctor? I did Sidhshakti Healing only twice and Chanted Sidhshakti Mahamantra, and it just took two days to get cured. Thankyou Sri Maa for blessing us with such divine energies. Since I have learnt Sidhshakti Healing, I never have to go to a doctor. Be it any physical and mental problem, I can heal and cure myself. Thankyou so much Sri Maa. I wish to do the second level soon, so that i can cure others also and do this seva by Sidhshakti healing. Ultimately it is Sri Maa's blessings only, which does these miraculous things.
    - Timsy Kamboj, Gurgaon.

  • » 2 months old leg pain healed instantly with Sidhshakti Healing
    I was having a lot of pain in my legs and back from past 2 months, due to my hectic schedule. It was causing me a lot of trouble in doing my work easily. Even though I took treatment but due to my work it still kept bothering me. Then one night I prayed to SRI MAA and used Sidhshakti Healing to heal my legs. Next morning I didn't feel any pain, even though my work was same but I felt nice and relaxed.
    - Tarni.

Mantra Deekshas & Mahamantra:

  • » Sidhshakti Mantra Deeksha cured Typhoid.
    Pranam Maa,
    I was feeling very weak and was getting down with fever repeatedly.
    I was getting very worried about my health.
    I told Sri Maa regarding my Health Problem and Sri Maa gave me Sidhshakti Mantras for the same .I got my blood test also done and I was detected with Typhoid.
    I kept on reciting Mantras on daily basis as told by Maa & my Typhoid got cured in 10days only (usually it takes 3months to 6months).
    Moreover, since I started reciting Sidh Mantras, after that, I never got down with fever and my appetite increased. I noticed no hair fall. These are the major problems which people detected with Typhoid, usually have. Maa my doctor was also surprised looking at my recovery levels.
    I thank you Maa for all your Blessings & Love.

    - Apki Beti, Mala

  • » Sidhshakti Mahamantra- A life Savior
    Pranam Maa, Today I was driving the car on the highway with my husband, while driving I felt as if something wrong is going to happen, I prayed to Sri Maa to save us from any sort of mis-happening and I started chanting Maha mantra "Om Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Namah" . After 10-20 minutes our car was hit by a truck on my side. With Maa's Grace I & the truck driver managed to control our vehicles, even though we were at speed. Within no time people came to help us out. Our car was stuck in the truck. One of the person who was amongst the people helping us, told that ours was the 3rd accident at the same site within 15 minutes, then I realised why I was getting the signals from Sri Maa, and truly realised the Power of Maha mantra. Though the car got little damaged, we didn't even get one scratch. Our car was also functioning properly due to which we came home safely. I thank Sri Maa for blessing us and saving us from the big accident. Jai sidh shakti.
    - Apki, Mala

  • » Got my wallet back with Sidhshakti Mahamantra
    MAA PRANAAM. I am Tushar and I wanted to share my first magical experience with you and everyone else. I was travelling to Mumbai and during my journey and I was pick-pocketed. My wallet had my pan card, license and other cards also. When I told my friend Tarni about this she asked me to pray to Sri Maa and chant the mahamantra "Om Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Namah". That time I prayed for few seconds only and today, just after few days of that incidence I got a call from police station that my wallet was found. This is like an impossible case that has happened to me. I have my pan card and license with me. Thank you so much MAA for helping me instantly ... thanks a lot.
    - Tushar Verma

  • » Sri Maa's blessings are always close to heart
    In our busy lives we get so busy that we forget that there is someone who is watching us silently. Sometimes we go on speaking and speaking and there is someone who is listening to us patiently. When we cry digging ourselves into the pillow there is someone who feels our tears. When we are in pain there is someone who heals our body and soul by her one touch. THIS IS NONE OTHER THAN OUR MAA. EVEN THE WHOLE LIFE DEDICATED TO HER WOULD BE LESS!!
    - Tarni Jain.

  • » Guru Mantra got me Good friends & company.
    Due to my work my life had become very monotonous and boring and as a result I had started taking a lot of tensions and was very depressed. I prayed to Maa and continued chanting my Guru Mantra. Since past few weeks my life has changed drastically. I am enjoying my work though it is still hectic. I have my friends around and we enjoy and work also gets divided. Thanks MAA for sending my friends to me at the right time at right place. It is really unbelievable to see your magic in my life. Whenever I feel low or depressed MAA comes in various forms to me to, bless me, appreciate my work, wipe away my tears and heal my pain. THANKU MAA for caring for me so much in a very special way .
    - Tarni Jain.

  • » Chanting of Guru Mantra cured my Mother's pain
    I bow down in your holy feet Sri Maa. My mother got an unbearable body pain one day. She was literally crying out of pain. Quickly, I chanted my Guru Mantra and prayed to Sri Maa to cure my mother. After some time, my mother went off to sleep. After she got up, she got a complete relief from her pain. I thank you Sri Maa for your bleesing.
    - Kiran, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi

Dhav Vridhi Sadhna:

  • » Divine Experiences during Dhan Vridhi Sadhna on Sidhshakti.tv
    Sri Maa ke charano me koti koti naman. Sabhi ko Jai Sidhshakti. On Sunday, during the Dhanvriddhi Sadhna on LIVE internet webcast, I had 3 distinct spiritual experiences : 1) At the naval chakra, I saw 3 bamboo leaves which got filled with dark orange color. These three leaves were at the dorsal side of stomach. 2) At Agya chakra (forehead) Sri Maa tied a dark maroon shiny pencil stone 3-4 inch long. I felt that it is for protection. Since then I feel more energetic, less stressed although I am working on a tight schedule project. 3) I was able to see faces of known and unknown people. Later on when I recollected the faces, I was able to distinguish between my friends and foes in my group and office. Furthermore, I am meeting so many strangers in Seoul, Korea who are really interested in spirituality. Thank you Sri Maa for all these divine experiences. Sabhi ko Jai Sidhshakti.
    - Sushil Soni, Seoul, Korea.

  • » Salary Increment with Dhan Vridhi Meditation
    Dear Maa, First I apologize that I am writing in such a way because I am very introvert and do not have courage to face people. This experience is related to my Dhan virdhi. When I had started Dhan Vridhi Sadhna, my salary was so low, around 4000/ and after earning just this much I failed to save money. I was very worried about financial matters. Gradually, with the passage of time my salary increased as I changed my job. My salary package was 8000, but still it was not enough and I was always afraid whether I would get good salary job or not. Multiple questions ran in my mind and I was always disturbed too much. During that time I was regularly doing DhanVridhi Sadhna. Maa, after that suddenly a good job offer came with good salary (above 10,000). Maa, I thought in the beginning that I will not be able to do that job because I had never done such kind of calling ever before. However I passed 1 year doing this job by your grace and had been fulfilling my target. Then suddenly I had to quit the job without any reason. I was unemployed for 2 months, though I tried multiple interviews but could not get success. Maa, but by your grace and your blessings, I again got that job with same package. I was so restless & frustrated for those 2 months, but the 1 year which I completed that was fully & fully your blessing. Even today I m doing that sadhna & trust me Maa, the day when I do not do sadhna I do not get sales. I sometimes think how does this happen but my poor wisdom is unable to understand your miracles. There is 'Saadar Pranaam' in your lotus feet Maa.
    - Tarika Mamta, 27 yrs., Tally Sales Executive, Adarsh Nagar, New Delhi

  • » Rs.1 lakh under protection by Sri Maa's blessings
    Jai Sidhshakti! My Name is Aakanksha and I was working with T.I.M.E as a S.R.E(Student Relation Executive). At that time I was handling all the responsibility of cash at the center. Whenever I think of this experience, I get shivers even now. One day, a student handed over his admission fee of Rs.1 lakh to me, which I had to deposit in my office where I work. It was the evening time, and I was in a rush to go back home. I took the money from him, left it on the table and went back home. I realized that I had left the amount of Rs.1 lakh on the office table, after when I reached back home. It was too late then. The amount was too big and it did not even belong to me. It was the office money. I was panic-stricken. I was sure that somebody must have picked it up by then. I could think of nothing but Sri Maa. I rushed to Sri Maa Sidhshakti Darbar and prayed that I get back the money safely. When I went back to office to look for it, I found it safely there. I still cannot believe how could I get Rs.1 lakh back, which I just left it like that. I know nobody but only Sri Maa could make it possible. Thank you Sri Maa for saving my job and the loss which I might had to pay, if wouldn't have found it back. Jai Sidhshakti.
    - Aakansha Modi, 23 yrs, Professional Co-ordinator, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi

  • » Sankalp Sadhna got me high profiled Internship
    Jai Sidhshakti! I am associated with Sri Maa & Sri Sidhshakti Darbar for the last 8 years and since then have been experiencing things I have never ever thought of. My life has become smooth and easy, without tension and stress. The experience which I want to share with you is of my internship at Nav Bharat Times. Being a student of journalism I had to undergo 4 weeks compulsory training in any print media organization. I was worried because all of my friends got some or the other good one but I didn't. They had applied on time, but due to some problem I could not apply on time. Then I talked about this to Sri Maa and she asked me to do Sankalp Sadhna. I started doing it with complete faith in Maa and her energy. After one week of doing Sadhna, suddenly I got the chance to meet Mr. Madhusudan Anand, my executive editor and I discussed my problem with him. The first question he asked me was "From when are you joining?" I was so happy and glad. All this happened due to my faith in Sri Maa and her energies. May Sri Maa bless me and my family always. Jai Sidhshakti!
    - Supreet Sharma.

  • » Divya Bhabhuti proven better than allopathic medicines.
    One day I got a very severe pain in my tooth. Everybody knows how painful the tooth pain is. I was groaning in pain. My brother rushed to the chemist to get the medicine. I quickly applied "Divya Bhabhuti" blessed by Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji. Within five minutes, my pain was completely gone. By the time my brother came back from the chemist, I was relieved from my pain. "Divya Bhabhuti" is really magical. Even an allopathic medicine doesn't give such a fast relief. It rather causes lot of side effects. But Divya Bhabhuti gives a very fast result and has its side effect also. I thank you Sri Maa for your special blessing.
    - Kiran, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi.

  • » Sri Maa's energies in flowers cure high fever instantly.
    I bow down in your holy feet Sri Maa. One day when my younger brother came back from school, he was having very high fever. All of us got very scared seeing him shivering, because now a days there are different kinds of fever which are spreading. Then I kept some flowers which I got from Sri Maa as her blessing, under his pillow and made him go off to sleep. After he got up, he was absolutely fine. Everybody in my family was surprised to see the miracle of those flowers.
    - Kiran, 30 years, Instructor, I.T.I., Tagore Garden, New Delhi.

  • » Divine Prabhu Darshan
    A few days back during sadhana I saw a very unique vision. Lord Shankar and Parvati Maa were on the Kailash Mountain. I was behind them. It was a beautiful chain of mountains. Everywhere there were white snow covered mountains and there was a slight purple background. One of the ropes which was joining two mountains was almost the length of several kilometers. I was playing on that rope and was enjoying it thoroughly. I saw Lord Ganesh blessing me. I am thankful to Sri Maa for such a unique experience.
    - Renu Jain.

Memory Improvement Meditation Experiences:

  • » Students feeling energies going inside during Memory Improvement Meditation

  • While doing Memory Meditation, I saw pink, green, blue, yellow color. I saw Lord Hanuman, Krishna, Shiv, Vishnu, Indra, Surya and I saw Goddess Saraswati sitting on Lotus. I felt something going inside me and then something going outside. I also saw Lord Hanuman inside on the Sun.
    - Anurag Ranjan, VIII A, St. Froebel School.

  • I saw a flower of green color. Inside that Sai Baba was sitting and blessing me. I feel very good after doing Memory Meditation. I have no tension of my exams. I want to say to Maa that she came here to give us knowledge.
    - Himanshu R, VIII A, St. Froebel School.

  • I saw Goddess Durga. I felt very nice and experienced some positive energies going inside me. I have benefited from this Memory meditation. Before doing this meditation I had pain in my legs. But after I opened my eyes, the pain in my legs has gone. I thank you Maa.
    - Himani Mehndiratta, VI A, St. Froebel Sr. Sec. School.

  • I saw green, yellow color and I got a holy sight of Guru ji. As soon as I opened my eyes after doing the meditation, I felt as if I am in some other world. I want to tell you that I felt that after doing this Memory Improvement Meditation my brain has got completely purified.
    - Piyush Dua, VIII A, St. Froebel Sr. Sec. School.

  • I felt that light is coming from the universe, which is going in my head. Then I realized that my body has formed into a lotus, and then I saw that Goddess Saraswati is sitting on the lotus flower. Then slowly I saw that light which was coming out of her hand was going inside my head. I felt very relaxed and at peace after experiencing all this during the Sidhshakti Memory Improvement Meditation.
    - Kajal Saini, VIII C, Rajkiya Sarvodya Kanya Vidhalya.

  • Maa I felt at peace after doing Sidhshakti Memory Improvement Meditation. During the meditation. I saw a pink colored saree and a lotus flower. I saw Goddess Saraswati sitting on the lotus flower and blessing.
    - Alka Kumari, XI A, Sarvodya Kanya Vidhalya, Mayur Vihar.

  • I was very happy after doing Sidhshakti Memory Improvement Meditation. During the meditation, when you asked us to concentrate on her head, I felt pink rays of light going inside me. It was quite strange for me. I want to do it again and again now because as you told us those children who cannot memorize their studies or forget after learning something should do it to improve their memory. I want to remember everything that I learn and want to stand first in my class, but I find difficulty in learning. I want to study a lot and make my parents, school and everybody proud.
    - Neha Anand, IX B, Rajkiya Sarvodya Kanya Vidhalya.

  • Maa during the Sadhna I experienced lot of peace. I don't remember all that you said during the Sadhna, but I will surely remember all the knowledge that you gave us and will try to follow it in my life. I want to thank you whole heartedly. Thank you Maa. Your Disciple,
    - Sarita , XI A, Annie Besant Rajkiya Sarvodya Kanya Vidhalya.

  • I used to play cricket match, but always used to loose, but since I have been following Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji and have been doing her Sadhna, I have started playing well. I thank you Sri Maa.
    - Sunil, VI A, Bharti Vidya Niketan Public School.

  • When I closed my eyes during Sidhshakti Memory Meditation, my head started spinning. I saw Goddess Parvati on Lotus Flower. I felt very good.
    - Mandeep Singh, VII, Bharti Vidya Niketan Public School.

  • I felt relieved, relaxed and I was absolutely thoughtless. I could see pink light. I wanted to continue this. Thank you so much for this Memory Improvement meditation. Also, I could see green light which was covered by pink light.
    - Srishti Chopra, XI D, Salwan Public School.

  • When I closed my eyes, I felt as if God came to me and he gave me his blessings in the form of some energy by which I can solve every problem of my life. I thank you so much for such an amazing experience Maa.
    - Prabha Mishra, IV B, Shah International School.

  • I saw yellow colour and I saw my body filled with lotus leaves and there was an angel sitting on the flowers. I feel very well now. I like to wish very very thanks to my Maa.
    - Anish Mittal , V B, Shah Internaional School.

  • I am very thankful to you Maa. During the Memory Sadhna I saw that I met God Hanumana ji, God Krishna ji and Goddess Saraswati ji. I saw pink color and lotus flower also. Thankyou.
    - Agrima Sharma, V A, Shah International School.

  • I felt very nice during and after Memory meditation. I saw a village with some huts during night with a full moon night with mountains at the back. I feel very light and relieved after meditation and also very happy. Just thought as if I was into another world when I opened my eyes.
    - Sidhant Aneja, XI D, Salwan Public School

  • Dear Maa, I almost got lost while listening to you. My heart has become pure by listening to your sweet voice. During the Memory Meditation, I felt as if I am entering a temple. There I saw a very amazing scene. I couldn't say all this that time, so I am writing this letter to you. I see the truth in everything that you say. I will be obliged to you, if you could come again to us.
    - Vipin Kumar, X

Thought Purification Meditation

  • » Understanding the hidden messages that life gives to us
    After doing Thought Purification Meditation all the negative thought patterns that use to arise in my mind automatically stopped. Apart from this miraculous development I also started developing more dedication, belief and confidence in every activity that I undertook. Now when I see anything wrong happening around my circumstances I do not react with irritation and doubt but with peace and reason. I have also started understanding the hidden messages that life gives to us embedded within the circumstances. I bow with all respect in front of Sri Maa.
    - Anjali , Inderpuri, New Delhi.

  • » Internal Thoughts Patterns Changed
    I have always been in search of a meditation which would bring about positive changes in my life. When I received this meditation from Sri Maa I realized a great change in my internal thought patterns. I feel a lot fearless. I enjoy the bliss of experiencing spirituality and god, even while I am actively involved in the day to day activities of the household. I bow to Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji.
    - Naresh

Pran Shakti Meditation

  • » Childhood Cough and cold cured
    Right since childhood, I had the problem of cough and cold. There wasn't a single day that I would not feel the suffocation due to this problem. Whether it was winter or summer, my throat would pain consistently. Due to this several of my activities used to get delayed, studies would suffer and I couldn't do things I really wanted to. Ever since I Pran Shakti Meditation, I did not realize how my health problems disappeared. I bow to Sri Maa for blessing me. After three years also I am absolutely alright. It is all because of Sri Maa's blessings.
    - Gyaneshwari, Inderpuri, New Delhi.

  • » Due to sadhan my breathing related problems got cured very easily. I was noticing for very long time that breath would not go below the throat fully. After doing this sadhana fomr the first day itself I could see my breath becoming deeper and longer. My energy level has also gone up and I have my levels of wisdom, knowledge and understanding have improved.
    - Mira

  • » There were lots of deep rooted problems which I had been frequently facing due to weakness, breathlessness and frequent emotional troubles. When this Sadhna was being recorded by Sri Maa Ji, I was fortunate to be the near by for some work. My problems started reducing the same day and have almost completely resolved just within two days!! Besides having lots of physical strength and energy, my negative thoughts have suddenly vanished. I am not giving into fights or arguments in small issues. I have become more thankful and appriciative towards everyone around me and my anger, irritability and mood swings have also dissolved. I could not breathe properly due to a blockage at the centre of my face which has also gone since then and I am able to enjoy deep long breaths. My Spiritual understanding has also suddenly taken a big growth. I thank Sri Maa Ji with utmost gratitude, for blessing me with her Divine SidhShaktis and love for resolving all the hinderance which were complicating every aspect of life.
    - Gyaneshwari, Inderpuri, New Delhi.