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Kundalini Jagran Sadhna
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Why Kundalini Meditation?

In life time of a person, there are times when a person knowingly or unknowingly ponders at what life is!!! Some have this questioning ability in early ages of life, others in middle ages and most of them in old age. Self Realization, Nirvana, Moksha, Siddha, Buddha, DNA activation, higher dimensions etc are phenomenon of spiritual domains which we cannot perceive by our senses in this physical plane. And all terms Nirvana, Moksha, Siddha etc are different in some aspect or other. They are related to various levels of consciousness. But how do we get experience of these states of consciousness?? Kundalini meditation is the answer. It is the basis of the spiritual awakening. Directly or indirectly and knowingly or unknowingly there will be instances, incidents and co-incidences which will thrust you towards spirituality if you have that zeal and karma.

What is life? What is the purpose of life? Who am “I”? Is there any purpose of my life? What is death? What is MAYA? If this questions keep pinching your mind, Kundalini meditation is for you. Because these answers are to be gained and experienced rather than just being read or heard. It’s the experience which pacifies.

A seed gets converted to a living tree and an egg. Where from does the life come into a seed to make it a tree? What’s the immensity of knowledge that is programmed within a sperm and an egg that when they merge an entire human life takes birth? A person or a scientist has not created this knowledge. It’s there within. There is a source to all the wisdom and knowledge way beyond a normal person’s perception and logic. Even if you crack open the seed, you won’t be able to figure out where’s the source which makes it into a living giant tree. Even a scientist or a biologist simply tells us about the steps or stages of development. Scientist is a person just describing the process but the basics are already imbibed and latent in the creation itself. A person won’t be able to figure out the source of life and the immensities and energies the seed has. Same is with every human being and every living being. There is a similar seed within each and every living being which is called Kundalini. This Kundalini when awakens within us, it gradually connects us to source of creation and this connection to the source automatically brings realization of self and the universe which is Self-Realization.

Now let's ask "What is KUNDALINI?"
Before getting to answers of what is Kundalini let’s go to some very basic & fundamental facts. There are four major points to be known before we brief you about Kundalini awakening; 1) Understanding concept of “centre” 2) Subtle bodies 3) Prana 4) Chakra. We will discuss first three points first and then move on to chakra. Chakra needs detailed orientation.

Any mass or object or a definite shape has got centre or centre of inertia. Like sun is centre of solar system or a circle has a centre. Similarly human body has got a centre.

For any physical body, there are associated subtle bodies whether non-living or living; including human beings, animals and everything existing in this universe. But problem is that not everyone can see the subtle bodies of himself/herself or other living and non-living things. This is because the sixth sense of a person is dominantly inactive. Sixth sense is also related to the Third eye or Agya Chakra. Centre of physical body is between the lower and the upper half of body i.e. in human being, legs are lower part of body and body from head to lower back is upper portion of a body. Thus the centre of body is the lower end of the spinal chord. This is where Kundalini is located.

Like physical body, subtle bodies have also got their centers. Subtle bodies are exactly similar to the physical bodies and they are the basis of existence of physical bodies. If we have a spinal chord in physical body, there is subtle spinal chord also. For every vein and artery in physical body, there is subtle vein and artery in subtle body. Veins and arteries in subtle bodies are known as NADIS (In Sanskrit, NADI is synonym for river.)It means a tube or channel through which something can flow. Blood flows in veins and arteries in physical body whereas Prana flows in NADIS in subtle bodies. Prana is life force energy because of which a person is living a life.

Till now we became aware of three important points:

1) There is centre of everything in universe.
2) For everything (living or non-living) existing physically in universe, there are associated subtle bodies.
3) There is PRANA flowing in the subtle bodies of living being whereas no PRANA flows in non-living things

Now let’s come to Kundalini. “What is Kundalini?” KUND is a Sanskrit word & it means “lake”. This lake is centre of our subtle body. It is considered as a lake because it is a storehouse of all the energies existing in universe. This centre within us connected to the universal energies through a chord is called SUSHUMNA NADI. And in this Sushumna Nadi there are Chakras. Also, there is a snake around the lake which makes 3 & ½ coils around this lake and this snake is known as Kundalini. For every living being, Kundalini is source of every kind of energy required for carrying out all physiological and any functions related to sustaining life. Kundalini is always active within living beings including human beings. But it is dominantly active outbound and not inbound or internally. Kundalini works in two modes, inwards and outwards. This two states of Kundalini are called Bahirmukhi or Antarmukhi. Bahirmukhi is outbound and Antarmukhi is inbound.

Outbound state of Kundalini(Bahirmukhi): Our body consists of many organs performing many functions with trillions of cells. Every cell needs energy to carry out it’s activities. Each of this cell is a living being in itself. Everyday millions of cells are regenerated and millions die after doing their functions. So where does the energy come from to fulfill all these functions of cells? The source is neither food nor sun. The very source of energy is Kundalini lying in everything in universe. This Kundalini is connected to universe from where everything in universe receives energy. Trillions of cells consume energy every single second!!! Thus tremendous amount of energy is being consumed by our body. But most of energy we are receiving from universe is consumed for survival of physical body only. And when Kundalini is supplying most of the energy received from universe to various biological systems in living beings for carrying on the physical activites only (survival), Kundalini is said to be operating in outbound (Bahirmukhi) mode.

When energy from Kundalini gets directed to and within Sushumna, it is called that the Kundalini is working inbound(Antarmukhi.) When this happens, all the chakra and subtle bodies start getting much more energy than when Kundalini only working in outbound mode. In the inbound Kundalini mode, we get more and more connected & open to the universe with conscious efforts.

The Creator of Universe; The God, established Kundalini in every living being. In human beings the Kundalini is located in the subtle body. Kundalini is located in between anus and genital and at end of our spinal chord. As mentioned earlier, spinal chord has also got the subtle form. Subtle spinal chord consists of three main nadis or tubes or channels; IDA, PINGLA and SUSHUMNA. For almost every human being IDA & PINGLA are active but SUSHUMNA is in dormant state.

What do we mean by active? If there is flow of prana in nadis, it is active. If there is no flow of prana in nadi it is known as dormant. There is no flow of prana means there is blockage is those nadis. They need cleansing & purification.

When our Kundalini awakens and enters the Sushumna nadi, our spiritual journey initiates towards higher dimensions. But how to awaken Kundalini? And how can one activate Sushumna? You need a GURU who has the universal energies to impart to you. You need a divine GURU who can establish your own connections with your higher self and higher energies.

Since time immortal, there have been many methods by which Kundalini can be activated and some of the ways are Hatha Yoga, Laya(By music) Yoga, Mantra(By reciting mantras) Yog, Bhakti( by practicing devotion) Yog, Karma Yoga, Raj Yog, Gyan( By acquiring knowledge) Yoga, through herbs etc. Sidhshskti Yog is the latest yoga created by Srimaa Sidh Sishshaktiji looking at the needs of the current age. It is not based on any religion or sect or cult rather it is universal like sun, moon, air, water etc. One can awaken Kundalini by Sidhshkati Yog; very easy, practical and without restrictions, under guidance of Srimaa.

Why is KUNDALINI awakening by self very dangerous?

As mentioned earlier, Kundalini is a snake coiled 3 & ½ times around a pond of universal energies. Sudden awakening of Kundalini produces unimaginable energy in our physical and subtle bodies. If this sudden energy is not controlled, it can cause very serious complication. Sushumna nadi should be atleast unblocked to an extent that Kundalini can pass through it and cleanse and activate other chakras and nadis. You cannot have food of entire lifetime in one go. Fire if controlled and used cautiously cooks food else it will burn your entire house. Problem arises when Kundalini is awakened without cleansing and purification. And hence it is always mentioned that one should practice Kundalini Meditation under guidance of only divine and spiritual guru having mastered over Kundalini energies. Kundalini awakening is a very divine process and requires patience, intelligence, faith and positive intent.

Let us now proceed towards Chakra; one of the basic and the fourth fundamental which one need to know.

What is Chakra & how are Chakra related to Kundalini & what are benefits of awakening kundalini?

Chakra is Sanskrit word and it means rotating wheel. Chakras are located in the subtle body. Wherever two nadis cross each other, a chakra is formed. It’s similar to a rotating vortex formed when two flowing waters cross. There are many chakras in our subtle body. But there are 7 major chakras. These 7 chakras are situated in the Sushumna Nadi. These seven chakras are Muladhar Chakra, Swadhisthan Chakra, Manipur Chakra, Anahat Chakra, Visudhi Chakra, Agya Chakra and Sahstrar Chakra. Each chakra has different number of petals. Which have a web of very small and minute nadis. Each chakra is different from another chakra. Each of these chakras (energy centers) correlates to major nerve ganglia branching forth from the spinal column. In addition, the Chakras also correlate to levels of consciousness, archetypal elements, developmental stages of life, colors, sounds, body functions, and much more.

Chakra absorbs the highest supreme energies and distributes them in our subtle and physical body. Chakras vibrate at very high frequency and hence they cannot be seen through physical eyes. We cannot see the ultraviolet rays, gamma rays etc because our eyes cannot catch those frequencies. Every individual has got 7 major chakras yet every individual is different. This is because every petal and every minutest of minute nadi in the chakra is different in different person. This is because every person’s individual chakra absorbs energy based on it’s own capability. Universe is full of energies in various energy fields. Sun, moon, stars etc are universal divine energy fields. We can see them but there exist different energy fields in universe which we cannot see by these physical eyes.

Every energy has a specific form & characteristics. For example all things burn to produce fire. Yet not all the fires are same. Fire produced from burning of a gas is different from fire produced by burning of wood and fire produce by burning hydrogen cannot be even seen by naked eyes. The intensity of different flames is also different. And this intensity is dependent on the wavelength of that molecule burning in that fire. Our chakras are also almost functioning on the same principles i.e they are composed of different subtle nadis which vibrate based on the thoughts, intentions and impressions(emotional, past life, etc) which we have. Impressions, which influence on our intentions and thoughts in present life, are because of the Karma we have done in past.

Every energy has a specific form & characteristics. For example all things burn to produce fire. Yet not all the fires are same. Fire produced from burning of a gas is different from fire produced by burning of wood and fire produce by burning hydrogen cannot be even seen by naked eyes. The intensity of different flames is also different. And this intensity is dependent on the wavelength of that molecule burning in that fire. Our chakras are also almost functioning on the same principles i.e they are composed of different subtle nadis which vibrate based on the thoughts, intentions and impressions(emotional, past life, etc) which we have. Impressions are because of the Karma we have done in past. And these impressions have influence on our intentions and thoughts in present life.

We receive energy from universe i.e. sun, moon, stars etc. When we have sufficient flow of universal energies through nadis in our chakra, our chakra functions healthily and we are self propelled to a positive direction in our life. In other words, if our nadis & chakras don’t have blockage, we start getting success in life. Before talking of removing blockages and cleansing chakra, let’s know one another interesting fact.

Chakras have two types of movement:

1) Clockwise - The clockwise movement indicates energies going inside the living being.
2) Anticlockwise - The anti-clockwise movement indicates the energies going out of the living being. In short there is drainage of negative energy.

When chakras have a balanced movement in clockwise and anticlock wise directions, our body, mind, emotion, thought etc work in a very smooth way. But if they are not balanced, it creates lots and loads of problems. Sequentially, first chakras get imbalanced and then this imbalance gets manifested ( in physical body) in form of diseases in those organs and parts which are correlated to that particular chakra. If we can remove these negativities and imbalances from those chakras, believe it you don’t need to have any treatment from a doctor or medicine.

Before awakening Kundalini, the Prana from IDA and PINGLA are diverted towards SUSHUMNA. This is first step in kundlaini awakening. Because of this the lower three chakras become more active This results in more will for sex, more will for achieving worldy affairs (eating various good tasting foods, wearing very good dresses, becoming more lazy and depends on person to person etc), more and more strong desire to be famous and so on. But this is a very temporary phase which a disciple may fail to understand if he is not made aware of. That’s why it is mentioned that you need guidance and benevolence of a spiritual guru. Activation of the lower three chakras lead to release of the negative karma or the negative impressions imbibed on subtle bodies come to surface and gets released making us calm and peaceful. Now a person becomes ready for Kundalini awakening and it’s entry into higher dimensions. As mentioned earlier, first we control the three nadis and then prana flows in muladhar chakra. The Muladhar chakra and other chakras are located in the Sushumna Nadi. This Sushumna nadi is store house of all the impressions of past, present; both positive and negative. It is also a store house of various divine energies, cosmic intelligence and wisdom.

When the Muladhar Chakra gets activated, Kundalini can get awakened. And when Kundalini awakens and enters the Sushumna nadi, there is flow of energy in the chakras and it cleanses and purifies the petals and minutest of minute nadis in the petals. This makes the chakra become more active and it starts rotating in absolute clockwise direction. As mentioned earlier, universe is full of energies. But our body can absorb these energies only if our chakra is rotating in clockwise direction. By cleansing, purification and activation of chakra a person absorbs more energy from universe and distributes them to subtle and physical body rather than just draining them outside the body.

Let’s get in some more details about chakra & energies so that we can understand more clearly how Kundalini awakening actually benefits us. We are now approaching very important discussion. Please read ahead patiently and with focus.

Body functions on two universal energies, the EARTH ENERGY and the UNIVERSAL ENERGY. The lower three chakras; Muladhar , Swadhisthan and Manipur Chakra, are controlled by earth energy and the higher three chakras; Visudhi, Agya and Crown Chakra are controlled by Universal energy. Earth and universal energy merge at Anahat Chakra which is fourth chakra and is centre of seven chakras. Anahat chakra distributes the earth and universal energies in entire body. If a person has earth and universal energies in balanced state, his life is very balanced and healthy in all spheres of life. But this is a very rare case. The process of Kundalini awakening starts activating your Sushumna Nadi. The Sushumna activation leads to chakra activation which brings a balance of earth and universal energies within a person. Senses like touch, taste, listening, seeing etc are associated to chakra. Increasing the sensibility of these characteristic increases sensibility and activity of chakra. For example : Muladhar is associacted with sense of touch, Swadhisthan is associated with emotions( like happiness, fear, anger etc), Manipur is associated with intention, Anahat is associated with love, visudhi is associated with listening and speaking capability, Agya chakra is associated with seeing capability and Sahastrar is associated with knowing capability.

These seven chakras are also associated with the seven bodies of a person. When we see a person, we see only the physical body of a person. Rest six bodies of a person cannot be seen by our physical eyes. A person should be aware of the other six bodies and the related or associated chakras with the rest six bodies.

1. Muladhar is associated to physical body.
2. Swadhisthan is associated to second body which is called etheric (akash) body.
3. Manipur is associated to third body which is called astral (sukshm) body.
4. Anahat is associated to fourth body which is called mental (manas) body.
5. Visudhi is associated to fifth body which is called spiritual (atam) body.
6. Agya chakra is associated to sixth body which is called cosmic (brahm) body.
7. Crown chakra is associated to seventh body which is called bodyless(Nirvana) body.

Let's go into some more depth of association of physical body and chakra:

Physical body:

As mentioned above, it is related to muladhar chakra. A child is influenced by it majorily in his first 7 years of age. As we move ahead on the path of Kundalini, our chakras become strong and thus our physical body also becomes strong in turn. This also prevents a person from ageing. His/Her physical age might increase but the decaying of the cells which causes ageing does not happen. The decaying of cells in his old age causes memory loss, irritation in behavious etc, which does not happen to a person who does Kundalini.

All the seven chakras of a human body are also associated with the Endocrine gland. Where ever there are glands in the body, they secrete a juice or chemical called hormones. Hormones maintain the balance between the mind and the body, develops the body and also provides the immunity to the body to fight the diseases. If these hormones disbalance in the body, then it disturbs the health, mental fitness, behavior of a human being.

The 7 major chakras are directly related to various biological systems like nervous system, circulatory system, endocrine system etc.

Pineal Gland Sahasrar Chakra
Pituitary Gland Agaya Chakra
Thyroid & Parathyroid Gland Vishudhi Chakra
Thymus Gland Anahat Chakra
Pancreas Gland Manipur Chakra
Adrenal Gland Swadhisthan Chakra
Testis Gland & Ovary Gland Muladhar Chakra

Let's study the pituitary gland here

Pitutary Gland:-

Kundalini whole body Kundalini whole body This Pituitary gland is associated with Agaya Chakra which plays a very important role in spirituality. It is also called Master Gland. Agya chakra is master chakra in spiritual sciences.This gland has three parts and even Agaya chakra has three parts. One of its parts takes care of the bones and the muscles. The problem in this part makes a person dwarf or of a very tall height. It also balances the water content of the body, affects the complexion of the skin, and develops the milk and female organs in a female body. The imbalance in this gland leads to many disease. This gland secretes many kinds of hormones. Similarly Agaya Chakra also plays an important role in spirituality. Most of the meditations mention us to focus on the forehead or above the head.

Like pituitary gland is associated to Agaya chakra, other chakras are related to the different glands in a human body. When Kundalini starts working internally, it purifies the chakras, balances it and makes them powerful. Thus a human being gets infinite benefits from it. Mind & body become healthy and happy. The life becomes easier at the physical, materialistic and spiritual level & this makes a person achieve and fulfill his/her desires faster, without making extra efforts and without spending much money.

If we notice, the physical, mental, materialistic and spiritual state of a human being is dependent on these chakras. Emotions and the outer circumstances influence the chakras and the glands. It means that whenever a person (in negative states) gets angry, scared, greedy, sad, jealous, stressed etc, it affects the glands and chakras badly and makes them weaker. A person will not fall ill or have any emotional or mental (stress, anxiety etc) diseases instantly but if person does’t take care to his emotions and bad habits, which is the case with most of the human beings don’t do, one gets to face more problems, negativity, disease, bad health, hurdles etc. Kundalini Jagran( Kundalini Awakening) strengthens and balances glands and chakras leading life of a person on paths of happiness and success. This is because by doing Kundalini meditations you are actually working on your chakras.

Have you ever known that body postures tell about the state of person’s chakras? You can know about the negativity and the blockage of your chakra by looking at the way a person sits and or other body postures. If we have knowledge of body language, we can concentrate on a chakra associated with that organ of body and cure diseases by working on that particular chakra. Some people have the problems related to senses like loosing ability of taste or having an hearing inability or weak eyesight. These can also be cured absolutely. The easiest way of getting rid of all kinds of problems be it any of kind is to do Kundalini Meditation which purifies balances and strengthens everything on its own.

Please check the state of your chakra through your body language. The symptoms or habits listed below indicate that there is imbalance in your chakras. Certain symptoms or habits of a person are because of thought patters, impressions, lifestyle which ultimately affect the respective associated chakras. Please note that right now we have listed the habits or postures which denote that related chakra is imbalanced. For example a person having a habit of placing his/her arms on stomach area has got a weaker and imbalanced solar pluxus. The probability of this person having digestive problems is very high.

Muladhar Chakra - Body Language- Body Language- Crossing our legs, our legs look all twisted up like a spiral.

Swadhisthan Chakra - Body Language- Sitting with area back in chair and leaning forward, standing with hands clasped in front or behind.

Solar Plexus (Manipur Chakra) - Hands/Arms over stomach area, Legs crossed, Elbows on knees, Things on lap, Hands hooked in belt.

Heart (Anahata) Chakra - Body Language- Arms folded, One arm caressed chest, Holding books etc.

Throat (Vishudda) Chakra - Body Language- Coughs, Clearing throat, Wearing collar and tie, Heavy necklaces even when it is not required etc. Hands always on chin.

Third Eye (Ajha Chakra) - Body Language- Wiping, Rubbing and tapping of brow, hands on forehead when studying, Furrowed brow when confused, Eyes wide open when ‘Aha’ attained.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrana) - Body Language- Hands over head, Stroking hair back, Hats, Various religious practices of converting or shaving this chakra, crowns on Kings and Queens as symbol of opening this centre and of unity with all things.

Mentioned above are the habits or postures from which we can guage whether a chakra is in balanced state or not. But this is not primary aim of kundalini awakening or meditation. Primary aim should be raising one's consciousness level to higher dimensions. When one does Kundalini Mediation, one gets benefit at physical levels; physical gains like having good physique without any illness, balanced weight,glow on face, having an overall impressive personality etc. One's nature becomes such that one gets appreciation from friends and other people who are in touch with you. Person's thought process becomes much more clear and focused and his intelligence level increases drastically. If you are thinking whether there are monitory benefits!!! Yes of course!!! There are tremendous monitory benefits. Your social status gets remarkable shift on positive side. One starts becoming cynosure. Only within short practice of Kundlaini meditation, the benefits at physical level manifest first. What we are trying to mention is that, first you will get these benefits automatically.

Who can do this Kundalini Meditation?

Any one above 12 years of age can practice this meditation. Person of any caste, creed, nation, male or female can do it and that too without any restrictions or prohibitions. If you are still not clear, we will make it crystal clear who can or should do it? We firmly believe that air, water, food, sun, moon, light etc are not for a particular sect or culture or religion and we firmly believe that every being whether human or animal wants and has right to be happy and prosperous. We believe that every human being wants to grow in all spheres of life; physical, emotional, mental, social etc. So if you are one of them, you are most welcomed to enter the real realms of spirituality and higher levels of consciousness by practicing Kundalini meditaion. Our meditations are based on spirituality natural laws rather than any religion.

So do not think. Follow the true path of Kundalini Jagran and make your mind, body, soul, glands, chakras and your life happy and successful. Experience the bliss and get closer to the divine supreme energy.

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Jai Sidhshakti !

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