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About Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji | About Institute of Spiritual Sciences | About Sidhshakti Dham
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About Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji

Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji

Param Pujya Divya Bhramnarayani Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji, known as Sri Maa amongst her devotees, is a sacred motherly soul, full of Divine Love, Grace and Energy. Sri Maa is a blessing of the Supreme Power to this universe with one single purpose, to benefit the world with the divine energies.

Her Highness Sri Maa is a divine medium of transmitting the universal energies to common man to relieve them of pain and sufferings. This is happening for the first time in the history of mankind that energies are being graced by Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji from a single point to millions of people across the globe at one time. Sri Maa was born with various divine powers. She has been of a Spiritual nature from her childhood and could never see anyone suffering. She has always extended her Divine Love, Grace and Energy for the wellbeing of the poor, destitute, orphans, jail inmates, elderly and the public at large, with equality, to relieve them of all their troubles. With the passage of time, She received several Divine powers and also undertook rigorous meditations and achieved "Siddhis" of more divine powers for Public Welfare. Similarly, over the period of time numerous Universal powers found their objectives in her Heavenly existence, for the reasons of fulfilling the superior work which they desired to accomplish for the world. This required a chaste, pure and pious body, hence all of them picked and created her, so that subsequently She could perform the untainted task of relieving the masses, by devoting her unbiased mind, soul to the supernatural power.

Sri Maa's Childhood:

Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji

Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji was born in a royal family on 26th December 1959 in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. She was named Rajni by her parents.

Since birth she had been imparted with immense universal, supernatural and divine energies by God. A very divine incident occurred when Sri Maa was just few days old. Her mother made her sleep in a cradle in a silent room. When she returned back after some time to see baby Sri Maa, she found her being held in divine white blanket of light; out of cradle in mid air. Her mother got frightened at this sight and prayed to God to save her child. Then deities appeared in front of her and told her that they are all celebrating incarnation of Sri Maa; a divine child who in future at appropriate time would serve humanity and carry humanity in Golden Age. Sri Maa's mother never told Sri Maa or anybody else about this divine incident out of fear that if people will come to know about this, Sri Maa would never get married. Sri Maa was completely unaware of this incident. During childhood, in her family, merely making her sit near bed of a patient or making her offer eatables to the patient used to cure disease of the diseased person. Once her mother had taken a medicine which reacted so badly that within minutes it seemed she would be no more. Sri Maa came to know of this and immediately out of intuition She started reading a religious book lying in her house. Within a few minutes she was absolutely alright. Most of the times, Sri Maa used to have dreams, which in real life used to occur as incidents or become true after few days. She was most of the times aware of happenings around her, without anybody telling anything.

Sri Maa completed her education and then entered married life. During this entire tenure from birth to married life, Sri Maa herself was unaware of the divine energies within her. Sri Maa, around thirties, fell ill for few months and was incurable in spite of visiting and consulting various renowned doctors. Her condition aggravated to an extent that She was too weak to do her daily routine activities. Once, during this phase of illness, while She was in half state of wakefulness, a celestial voice made an announcement "Rajni, meditate on me and serve humanity". She ignored it completely thinking it as a normal dream. This happened 3-4 times and She ignored it every time. On the other hand Her illness aggravated more and more. This was the time that God wanted Sri Maa to meditate tenaciously. But Sri Maa was ignorant of this. When She was not able to understand what was happening in Her life, She decided to surrender and follow to the celestial voice. She prayed to the voice to guide her. She started meditating as per the guidance of that voice. During one of these meditations, She was given name "Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji". She discussed all these things with her husband who wholeheartedly supported her to facilitate the task of social service. Gradually people started following her as a Guru and started seeking guidance to make their life happy and blissful. Such was her influence that Sri Maa's mother-in-law accepted her as a Guru and has worshipped Sri Maa till her last breadth.

The Incarnation:

Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti Ji

Sri means spiritual & universal; and Maa means mother. She is addressed as Sri Maa because She is a universal mother. In this Dark Age almost everybody is entrapped in stress, hatred, laziness, and selfishness. Modern science has developed rapidly on technological front to an extent where everything is accessible & available by the click of mouse. But the same has also made us lazy, intolerant, self-centered, more selfish and less empathetic. The same technologies are mostly used to spread negativities and there seems no way to turn back the wheel. To free human being from shackles of ignorance, pain and suffering, a new energy was needed which would bring solutions to problems of people in the most easiest and convenient way. God himself gathered all His divine energies (shakti) at one place in universe. This place; at the highest level of consciousness and vibration, is called Sidh Dham. Then energy within Sidh Dham was still further created who is the deity of Sidhdham. This diety is Sidhshakti. Sri Maa is an incarnation of Sidhshakti on planet earth. By doing penance directly under guidance of God, Sri Maa energized various divine energies in universe. All this happened by itself and not from any external source or guidance which is why She is addressed as Sidh Sidhshakti. She has incarnated as universal mother who is self energized with various supernatural power so Her name is Sri Maa Sidh Sidhshakti.

Sidhshakti Meditations:

Sri Maa has created simple, scientific, yet powerful & unique energy based Sidhshakti Meditations which provide powerful solutions to human beings to come out of their every kind of problems. Sidhshakti Meditations have transformed heart, body, mind and soul of millions of people till date. Another uniqueness of these meditations is that they are not based on any religion but they are as per the natural and spiritual laws of universe. Never till now has the spirituality been unfolded in these easy modes.

It is happening for the first time in the History of mankind, by the Divine Grace of The Supreme Power that Sri Maa can relieve people of their hardest and strongest of Karmic Debts, Karmic Ties, Pitradoshas, Prarabdhas and other hurdles, coming between the fulfillments of their righteous wishes.

Access to divine knowledge and wisdom cannot be just gained by just reading literatures or epics. Sri Maa preaches that it is experience which makes us gain knowledge and wisdom. Logic works at the gross and survival level but at the subtle and universal level grace of a Guru and pure intent clubbed with faith and devotion leads a person to self realization overcoming all the hurdles in life. Sri Maa is that divine medium of God under guidance of whom, everybody can directly experience and understand the real realm of spirituality.

Sri Maa is always engrossed in serving the humanity by blessing them and organizing Sidhshakti Meditation camps at mass level; directly making them experience the universal energies through her divine meditations. Sri Maa's vision is to enable every living being to live a purposeful, happy & prosperous life by fulfilling his physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, mental and social desires with the divine blessings of universal powers.

Institute of Spiritual Sciences is an organization which conducts, manages and executes Sri Maa's divine tasks of public welfare. Sri Maa also conducts online meditations through Her website www.sidhshakti.tv so that people get solutions to their problems without any boundaries of time and space.